the hands behind the mask

When you support locally handmade, you are not just supporting a person, small business, family or our economy; you are purchasing a small part of an artist's heart.

cynthia + daughter kate are the creative hands behind masquerade masks nz, operating out of auckland's west coast. this venture began in 2008 when cynthia received an invitation to a masquerade themed birthday party - after an extensive search for a mask, she was ultimately disappointed with the lack of quality and selection available in stores. being the crafty woman she is, cynthia decided to create her own. it was a process she thoroughly enjoyed. at that party, many compliments came her way raving about that diy mask. one in particular stood out that night, "i would have paid you to make mine!" which got cynthia thinking... the next day cynthia took a photo of that mask, listed it on trademe and watched to see how much interest it might garner - and the listing proved successful. she had just found a new hobby + side income for the next seven years. in 2015, this was unfortunately brought to an end - life became busy, and business slowed down. a four year long hiatus later and cynthia is ready to get back into the mask making business, this time with her very own e-commerce site.

We can't thank you enough for visiting our store - you're making a dream of ours come true!

Cynthia + Kate
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